Outdoor Spaces 2019

What to look out for and whats on TREND for this year…

2018 has come and gone! Along with it, we have seen huge changes to designs, products and the overall vibe of OUTDOOR ENTERTAINMENT SPACES. With the Sunshine Coast seeing huge development within commercial and residential sectors the exposure to these new trends are right on our doorstep.

Seamless integration between inside to out

Allow the comforts of inside to be surrounded by the fresh air and vibrancy of outside all year round.

Low Maintenance Composite Decking (Rustic and Smooth)

Composite Decking is huge in 2019! New brands, bigger warranties and no maintenance

Artificial Greenery

Not a green thumb – That’s OK – Add vibrancy and life to any outdoor space with very little maintenance required

Raw Products and Natural Tones

Keep it raw and natural, let it weather beautifully and be enriched with earthy tones!

Tight spaces being used effectively 

As many residential blocks become smaller, designs become more innovative, using every corner to its fullest potential. 

Quality Construction 

With new products, techniques and innovation flooding the construction industry, there is a growing demand for high quality construction.


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Outdoor Entertaining

We all love it! It’s where food is shared, laughter is harvested and lasting memories are created.