Our Process

We have worked hard to develop a step by step process that results in happy clients who enjoy the construction process and delivers a result that exceeds their expectations. We understand that each project is different, however the recipe for a successful outcome is the same. We will take the stress and worry out of the process and guide you from the initial consultation through to completion.

Step 1 – Initial Consultation

Discuss the project with the client
Listen to their requests and ideas
Discuss our thoughts & explain available products on the market
Complete a free sketch and basic outline of the project

Step 2 – Design and Quoting

Create a basic concept plan or liaise further with our designer
Complete preliminary building checks (setback, relaxations and approvals)
Complete the design and obtain approval from the client
Establish a construction proposal

Step 3 – Second Consult

Explain the details within the concept design or plans
Revise any changes and adjust the proposal if required
Approve construction proposal
Obtain BA (building approval)
Sign a formal contract for the building work

Step 4 – Construction Stage

Ensure all safety aspects have been addressed
Order and finalise materials
Execute high quality construction
Maintain clear communication throughout process
Deliver a completed project

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