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Whether it is a new pool surround or renovating an existing pool on the Sunshine Coast, our team can help you complete your pool and its surrounds.

Our team works with the Sunshine Coast’s best pool builders and renovators to ensure a high-quality outcome for your pool's surrounding area.

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We Do Pool Surrounds Landscaping

Often, pool builders focus solely on the construction and finishes within the pool itself; however, in most cases, this is only half the project. The pool's surrounding landscape needs to be designed and constructed in a functional and practical way, both within the pool area and its connection to other entertainment spaces. It is also important that the finishes used within and around the pool match its surrounding areas to ensure the space flows seamlessly and can be completed within the required budget.

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Renovating a Pool?

A majority of properties already have a pool, but over time, styles and trends change, and often, these outdoor spaces become outdated and in need of a facelift. Renovating a pool’s interior is an ideal way to give your pool a new lease on life.

We proudly work alongside some of the Sunshine Coast’s top pool builders, helping them bring all the pool elements and surrounding areas together. Our top recommendations include Concept Pools, Pools By Design, Shipping Container Pools and Plunge Pools.

A majority of properties already have a pool within their property, over time styles and trends change and often these outdoor spaces become outdated and in need of refreshment. Renovating a pools interior and coping tiles is an ideal way to give your pool a new lease on life.
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Building Your Pool Surrounds

As a building company specialising in outdoor construction, most of our projects involve pool surrounding areas. Ensuring that the surrounding areas are functional spaces suited to your family’s lifestyle and block is important. Often, pool surrounds consist of tiled floors, timber decks, composite decks, feature walls, patios and shade structures. We help our clients bring all these elements together with a 3D design service and are experts at bringing it from concept to completion.

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