The Vision - Stilus Design and Construction

I see a thriving construction company that is setting a new standard for design and construction of outdoor entertainment spaces on the Sunshine Coast and beyond.

A company that not only helps their clients achieve amazing results but exceeds their expectations through the depth of knowledge, raw passion and strategic systems they experience from the initial enquiry through to project completion.

A company that continually sets higher standards for the delivery of their workmanship and customer service. Taking out annual awards across the building industry and developing a trusted reputation which is highly sought after.

The team consists of the best, smartest and most innovative people. From construction and design teams, through to sales and management teams. Each of these, having a clear understanding of the important and vital role they play in delivering a well rounded service to our clients.

The culture within is vibrant and filled with personality. An environment which rewards and champions those who succeed in work and life. A place that continually encourage everyone to learn, grow and develop into the best version of themselves. Relationships and friendships within go beyond the surface level, with a sense of family and unity, always ready and willing to support each other.

A company that is laser focused on their core message “to create quality outdoor entertainment areas for friends and families to share food, harvest laughter and create lasting memories.” Every client presenting a new opportunity to create another space (big or small). A space that brings people together, outdoors. The smell the BBQ cooking, the warmth of the firepit, the relaxing sound of the birds, or the contagious laugher of everyone gathered around a table. What ever it is for our clients, we are grateful for the opportunity to help them achieve their ideal outdoor space.

A company that is generous, providing arms to the poor, buildings for the less fortunate and finances to the Kingdom. From 1 day backyard makeovers, to partnering with outreaches and building in countries that are less fortunate then us. Offering our time, skills, materials and finances to help those in need.

I see a company that will continue to expand. Spreading out its reach within the residential, commercial and government sectors. Offering a full service, design, management, construction, and retail products. With a landmark facility where clients can visit to see, feel and experience the products, outcomes and passion we share for their project.    

I see a company where every member of the team prospers through its success, loves their work, and shares the same understanding that this cant be achieved alone.

This is the company I see, and together this is the company we are striving for.

Glen Fludder 2021