Create Your Vision Board

A vision board is a collection of ideas, styles, designs that you like.  A collection of photos and examples that highlight the things you like and cast the vision for your project!

To help you with this we have prepared some links for you below:

  • Google Images, search ‘outdoor entertainment areas to see a range of different designs and looks!
  • Houzz  for all things home design and renovation, showcase’s inspiring projects and photos
  • Pinterest is an effective way to collect creative ideas and photos, in one place

Don’t be overwhelmed: it can be as simple as collecting  3 – 4 images that show your desired style and finish.

We recommend saving in a:

    • Online file with: Pinterest, Instagram, Houzz
    • Folder on your computer
    • Or collect a variety of magazine pictures and photos

Having this ready or sending this through prior to site inspection enables us to see your vision.

 The clearer the vision is at the start of the project, the smoother the whole process becomes.

Our team are creative building experts and always look forward to meeting people to talk about designs and ideas for their project.


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Outdoor Entertaining

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