Get to know the basics – Timber Treatment

      Treatment preservatives will increase the durability of timber by acting to repel insects such as termites, white ants and borers. They will also aid in breaking down fungi spores that lead to wood rot. Correct timber treatments will also increase the lifespan of timber used in above or in-ground applications. Treatment preservatives are in most cases impregnated … Read More

Summer is just around the corner!

      Which also means holidays, Christmas, New Years and all things outdoor entertaining!  Is it time to add or update your outdoor space? Adding an outdoor entertainment space which is practical, functional and on budget is just what you need to host that perfect family gathering or end of year celebration. With the aroma of good food, the … Read More

Patios and Pergolas Sunshine Coast

Patios and pergolas on the sunshine coast are an important part of an outdoor entertaining area. A place where you can enjoy life’s precious moments and create memories for years to come. A well-designed patio or outdoor roof structure will have you enjoying the outdoors all year round. A perfect place to celebrate with friends and family, sharing food laughter … Read More

What is Composite Decking?

Is an alternative to traditional timber decking. It has gained popularity, due to its low maintenance and efficient use of waste and recycled products. Composite decking is the combination of fibre, plastics, and binding agents. Many composites are made out of waste wood and recycled plastic which makes them environmentally friendly and an efficient use of resources. There is no … Read More

Winter Warmers

Winter in Queensland, can we really complain about the cold? On average winter brings lots of fine, dry and mostly sunny days. The early mornings and evenings can certainly bring a fresh crispness to the air, with a few cold snaps travelling up from the south. But don’t let this effect the way you love to spend time outdoors, in … Read More

Why choose a Master Builder?

Is it time for a revamp of your outdoor entertaining area? Are you stuck on creating a new design or managing all the trades? Or are there just too many options and products available, overwhelming you to move forward? A new outdoor entertainment area can offer you and your family so much value. However there is so much to consider; … Read More