Project Management 101

Do you have a vision for your outdoor space and want to make it come to life?

Here is a comprehensive checklist to follow to complete your project:

  1. Create concept design
  2. Ensure the design meets council and local regulations
  3. Finalise materials selections suitable for the area and environment
  4. Prepare the construction plans
  5. Engage with an engineer to finalise the plans
  6. Obtain building approval with a private certifier
  7. Take a breath (that’s the paperwork side of the project completed)
  8. Obtain trade quotes and develop a project schedule
  9. Create a materials checklist for each aspect of the project
  10. Confirm trades scope of work and availability
  11. Commence construction
  12. Pray that it doesn’t rain, and you need to reschedule all the trades
  13. Manage project organisation and finishing levels
  14. Ensure the project is inspected at the specific stages required
  15. Gather the correct forms such as Form 15’s from the required installers
  16. Submit the forms and the completion documentation to the certifier
  17. Complete any warranty forms
  18. Obtain Final Approval

Or you could enjoy the process of concept to completion, with the confidence of an experienced builder who specialise in the construction of outdoor spaces. When engaging our services this step by step checklist comes with helpful and honest advice, industry experience, product knowledge, experienced tradesman and most of all peace of mind.

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