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Patios and pergolas on the sunshine coast are an important part of an outdoor entertaining area. A place where you can enjoy life’s precious moments and create memories for years to come. A well-designed patio or outdoor roof structure will have you enjoying the outdoors all year round. A perfect place to celebrate with friends and family, sharing food laughter and creating memories together.

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Here are some aspects to consider if you’re thinking about extending your outdoor patio or roof structure.

Materials for the structure
Consideration needs to be made for the overall feel and the design. When it comes to selecting the right material for your patio, some selections are:
Timber – Softwood or hardwood
Masonry/ Stone
Combination of materials

Shape and roof profiles
The shape and profile of your roof are important to overall look and functionality of your patio. It is often a reflection of the current dwelling, some of the options are:
Hip ends
Gable Ends

Roofing Material
Selecting the right material for the roof sheeting is important when considering your design, as this will affect the efficiency of your patio and the space created underneath it.
Timber or aluminum battens (shade only)
Corrugated or Trimdeck roof sheeting (with open ceiling)
Corrugated or Trimdeck roof sheeting (with ceiling)
Prefinished Insulated panels
Roof Tiles

Ceiling Material
In most scenarios, the ceiling will be more visible than the roof and therefore it is just as important to make the right selection for this aspect of your patio. Some choices are:
Open ceiling with visible beam and rafters
Plasterboard (set and sanded seamless smooth finish)
Villaboard (either set and sanded or with joining strips)
Timber Ceiling
Horizontal Blinds/ Retractable

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Other options to consider
Ceiling heating
Audio and speakers
Vertical blinds (auto and manual)
Ceiling Fans

Having a custom design for your outdoor entertaining area will incorporate all important factors: your house design, landscaping, space, products, and materials used. If your looking to add a patio or outdoor entertainment space to your residential or commercial property and would like the best advice, great service, and a quality outcome:

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