What is Composite Decking?

Composite Decking is an alternative to traditional timber decking. It has gained popularity, due to its low maintenance and efficient use of waste and recycled products.

It is constructed from a combination of fibre, plastics, and binding agents. Most composite decking is made out of waste wood and recycled plastic which makes them environmentally friendly and efficient use of resources.

There is no need to stain, sand, or paint the material; it comes as a finished product, ready to be installed. Composites are considered hard wearing and more stain, scratch, and mould resistant than timber.

Each company that produces composite decking has a different combination and selection of waste fibres, recycled plastics, and binders, which results in a variety of finished looks and prices.




There is a large selection of board widths, lengths, colours and finishes in the market. Each brand has its own unique selling points and advantages.



Brand  Size of Board Length of Board
Brite 88mm x 23mm 5.4mt
150mm x 32mm 5.8mt
Decker 25mm x 140mm 3.6mt
23.5mm x 140mm 3.6mt
35mm x 140mm 3.6mtr, 5.4mtr
50mm x 150mm 3.6mtr, 5.4mtr
Duralife 23mm x 140mm 3.65m, 4.87m, 6.10m
23mm x 140mm 3.65m, 4.87m, 6.10m
EkoDeck 88mm x 23mm 5.4mt
137mm x 23mm 5.4mt
Eko Deck + 88mm x 23mm 5.4mt
23mm x 137mm 5.4mt
23mm x 137mm 2.25mt
Ezy Wood 140mm x 22mm 5.4mt
Euradeck Composites 140mm x 22mm 5.4mt
OzTuff 140mm x 22mm 5.4mt
Future Wood 23mm x 138mm 5.4mt
23mm x 86mm 5.4mt
Hybrideck 19mm x 130mm 5.85m
25mm x 140mm 5.85m
Millboard 32mm x 176mm 3.6m
32mm x 200mm 3.2m
Modwood 88mm x 23mm 5.4mt
137mm x 23mm 5.4mt
NEXGEN 20mm x 127mm 3.66m
24mm x 137mm 3.66m, 4.90m
Perma Timber 22mm x 146mm 5.4m
30mm x 225mm 5.4m
23mm x 295mm 5.4mm
Trex 25 mm x 140 mm 3.66 m, 4.88m, 6.1m
25 mm x 140 mm 3.66 m, 4.88m, 6.1m
33mm x 86mm 3.66m, 4.88m, 6.1m
33mm x 140mm 3.66m, 4.88m, 6.1m
Ultim8 Deck 23mm x 88mm 5.4m
23mm x 137mm 5.4m
Ultradeck 23mm x 88mm 5.4mt
25mm x 140mm 5.4mt

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