10 Things To Know About Building A Deck

10 Things to Know About Building A Deck

1. Gather Some Photos and Inspiration

Websites and Magazines are great sources for collecting images of the styles and outcomes that appeal to you.

2. Discover The Purpose

Determine the main use for the space you would like to create. Is it an open space for family gatherings or an intimate private space to escape and read a book?

3. What Size

The old “one size fits all” adage doesn’t work for outdoor entertainment areas and decks. Think about how many people it needs to accommodate and the furniture which you’d like to place throughout.

4. What Materials

Research or ask us about the range of different products on the market. There’s softwood, hardwood and composite products to select from.

5. What Style Is Your Home

Make sure the style of your additional space reflects the overall style of the property. This will help to ensure the new space flows seamlessly from inside to the outside.

6. How Much Maintenance

Product selection is essential to determine how much maintenance the finished product will require. With so many composite and low maintenance products on the market, make sure you review your selection. Often low maintenance products are a higher cost initially, but return their value in years to come.

7. What About A Roof?

Do you need protection from the sun and rain? A patio roof will ensure you can use your deck all year round. With a range of options from exposed rafters to insulated panels, a roof structure can add value and style to your outdoor space.

8. Other Features

Do you require bench seating, handrails, privacy screens or bbq benchtop? Think about the finishing touches to really make your deck special.

9. Plans and Certification

Is your deck over 10m2, have a side greater than 5m or over 1m high? Your deck will require plans and certification to ensure the structure is built as per current building codes and is safe for all your guests.

10. Engage A Builder

For a quality deck and finish, engage a builder who specializes in decks and outdoor spaces. You will receive practical advice, industry knowledge and you can be confident that your project is an investment that brings value to your lifestyle and home.


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